Antje Art Thérapie

“ A place for art and therapy „

Antje Solveigh Streit

I am a certified Art-therapist (Arthea,GE) and member of the ASCA, RME and SVAKT. Since a few years I work as an art-therapist in a small art studio on our Farm in Aubonne . In May 2017 I was able to open a second art studio in Lausanne.

Born in Namibia, I live in Switzerland since over 14 years and speak English, German and French.

Challenges, crises, stress come our way daily, finding a balance in my life between being a mom of three boys and my work is not always easy. But art helps me recharge and time in my art studio gives me what I need to find my inner balance in the everyday life.

Being able to guide others through life, helping them find their balance in life though art and creativity is my way of working with art therapy.