Antje Art Thérapie

“ A place for art and therapy „

Art Therapy in the Atelier ?




Art Therapy is a means to overcome personal challenges and confronte difficulties in life. It can also be used to complement medical or psychological treatment.

Art Therapy, through the use of colour, form and imagination, helps you work through emotional, physical and psychological barriers, reduce stress, gain clarity, face challenges and work towards your goals in a constructive way.

Art Therapy consultations are based around creative activities that promote expression through imagination. As such, the artistic process facilitates the expression of emotions which is not only cathartic but brings resolve and healing.

Due to the creative nature, consultations can be conducted in silence or if and when you wish, include conversation.

Therapy is not designed to teach you how to paint or draw; it is a creative process that allows anyone to develop their senses, gain personal insight and awareness, in a constructive and formative way.

Art therapy with children from 3 to 10 years

Finding ones place within the family, society and within Self is part of the developmental process of childhood. When this process is out of balance anxiety, aggression, low self-esteem, learning difficulties as well as emotional and behavioural disturbances, may manifest.

Through the use of creativity, imagination and rhythm Art Therapy provides children with the means to express, feel assured and develop their senses.

The use of fairy-tales, stories and developmental activities offers children a route to work through their difficulties and builds the foundation to find balance and confidence in their daily life.

Art therapy with teenagers from 10 to 18 years

Pre-adolescent and adolescent are two defined developmental stages within this pre-adult age group. Both stages are characterised by physical, hormonal and emotional changes. This time is tumultuous at best and can be especially unsettling to individuals who lack a stable childhood foundation or have experienced emotional, physical, psychological difficulties or trauma.

Art Therapy for adolescence is focused on building structure, logic and reason as these provide the stability and reassurance they need during this turbulent developmental life stage. Every person's creative and imaginative expression is as unique as its fingerprint and is the basis from which the therapeutic process is developed.

Art Therapy uses a simple idea, image or form and steadily, through successive elaboration transforms this into a complex final result. This process allows each individual to face and work through their internal conflict conductively, bringing self-acceptance, stability, strength, confidence and a positive outlook on life.

Art therapy with adults

Être adulte signifie trouver l'équilibre dans toutes nos activités. Avec les défis de la vie quotidienne, cela n'est pas toujours facile et pas toujours possible.

L'art-thérapie nous aide lors de maladies physiques et psychiques, de départs et de deuils, et peut nous aider à traverser des crises et des traumatismes.

La thérapie à travers l'art nous accompagne et nous plonge dans un autre monde. Un monde dans lequel nous pouvons aller à la rencontre de nous-même. Nous pouvons découvrir nos qualités et nos faiblesses pour ensuite trouver un équilibre dans nos propres forces. Des forces qui nous soutiennent et nous permettent de relever les défis de la vie.

Dans mon atelier, l'être humain et ses besoins sont au premier plan, et non pas les capacités artistiques.

Ce travail peut se faire par la thérapie individuelle, ou en groupe avec des rencontres individuelles si nécessaire, selon les souhaits et besoin de chaque personne.